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We offer a wide choice of the highest quality professional hairdressing and beauty products as well as professional beauty treatments. Top brands, a full product portfolio, highly competitive prices and top quality service are a guarantee of satisfaction.

Professional hairdressing products

We have a complete product portfolio not only from international concerns like L’Oréal (L’Oréal Professional), Procter & Gamble (Wella Professional) or Henkel (Schwarzkopf Professional) but also of other brands which are popular among professionals and consumers who are interested in hair care of the highest quality.


Alfaparf has in their range cosmetics that are professional in every inch, made with passion and with attention to details. They are distinguished by a sophisticated style. These are ideal products for anyone who accepts only perfection, and find cosmetics from mainstream brands unacceptable. This brand was established by hairdressers who were frustrated about the mediocrity and limitations imposed by the products available on the market. Since the moment of its establishment the brand has taken markets across the world by storm and currently over 300 thousand hairdressers use its products. The products are inspired by beauty, high fashion and architecture; that is why they will certainly meet needs of every hairdresser.


The superb reputation of this brand is the result of knowledge, experience, innovation and also results achieved when using cosmetics developed by this company. When developing new formulas, they always take into account the possible effects of ingredients on the environment. They choose the most harmless ones and thus, they are regarded as a luxury eco-friendly brand. It is wilfully used by hairdressers and stylists working for the best salons in the world.


Bioderma Sensibio H2O Anti-Redness Micelle Solution 500ml
Bioderma Sebium H20 Cleansing Micelle Solution 500ml
Bioderma Créaline H2O 500ml


Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray Refresh Skin Eau Thermale Avène 300ml.


We can buy various beauty products that fulfil basic functions, but they lack spirit and there is no philosophy behind their production. We can also buy something whose manufacturer uses the cheapest and more aggressive chemical components. However, we can also purchase cosmetics that were created with gentleness, thought and deep care about the world we live in. The final approach is followed by Aveda which uses five thousand years of their Hindu experience in body and hair care for the production of their natural cosmetics. It is important to consider the human being as a whole, caring about body, heath and mood. This is the case with Aveda cosmetics, which are 100% natural, made only of ingredients coming from organic crops. The company is a member of the international coalition for responsible economy, uses green packages and cares about its employees. The company offers complex body care, hair care and styling as well as make-up products.


La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water, La Roche 300ml
La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume B5 Soothing Repairing Balm 100ml


These beauty product formulas imitate nature and take from it what gives hair the best care and protection. The exclusive mixtures of plant extracts and innovative technologies make hair beautiful and get rid of all its problems.


La Mer Creme de La Mer 60ml
La Mer Concentrate 50ml
La Mer Treatment Lotion 150ml


Eau precieuse lotion 375ml.


Davines is an Italian cosmetics company that was founded in Parma in 1983. It offers high quality products for hair care and skin. Company's mission is to create safe and effective products that offer technology developed in the process of continuous research and components that are the most environmentally friendly. Following their mission, they created unique hair products and Comfort Zone line for face and body care used in SPAs. The creators were inspired by Italian approach to culture and art that represent harmony and simplicity that allows to create timeless beauty. The brand is involved in the global Zero Impact Lifegate project which focuses on assessment and reductions of carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere which aims to weaken the effects of the greenhouse effect and global warming.


Dear Barber Professional Haircare is an English brand that offers luxury products for personal care and styling of hair, mustache and beard. Company's mission is to provide highest quality cosmetics, maintain high level of aesthetics of their products and highlight their individuality and uniqueness at the market. Dear Barber is the response to contemporary men's needs who expect their cosmetics to be professional and in good taste. It is therefore an alternative to the main segment of products for men offered by groups that follow latest trends and mainly target young boys who appreciate fashion and its variability. The brand is destined for modern and open men who are still particular about tradition and classics.


There should be warning on D:Fi cosmetics packages that their use may result in an increase of attention from the opposite sex and that they let loose a wild need to express ones feelings. D:Fi products are not created just to change your hairstyle, but also to inspire you and make you special. There is a wide choice of products that enable us to hold, create and keep for a long time hairstyles that are resistant to gravity, so you can express yourself at any time of the day and night.


Caudalie Beauty Elixir 3.4oz.


Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray 300ml.


Lancome Confort Tonique 200ml
Lancome Confort Tonique 400ml MF
Lancome Tonique Douceur Face Toner 400ml
Lancome Genifique Serum 100m


A complete product range that allows us to accomplish the most exquisite effects in styling. This German brand has been developing technological innovations improving hairdressers’ work for over half a century. It is one of the best known and valued brands on the market. Its products are used in the most professional salons in 30 countries all over the world.


Fashions change, not only in clothing but also in hair styles. But some things do not change –creativity, innovativeness and the need to express yourself. The Indola brand offers care and styling products that will satisfy every hairdresser, regardless of his/her tastes or habits. You will always have great results with Indola, whether your challenge is the hairstyle of a rebellious teen or a complete classic for a distinguished middle aged woman. It is a respected, worldwide brand offering versatile products that enable deep care, hair colouring full of spectacular effects and individual styling. The products are made with attention to details and the users’ individual needs.


Joanna is a solid, Polish company with many years of experience in creating beauty formulas for body and hair care. The products offered by its laboratory are safe, reliable and effective, therefore this brand is often chosen both by hairdressers who want reliable quality and individual customers. They produce products for care, nutrition, and styling as well as lightening or dyeing. Joanna as a family run company, which, even after achieving a significant success on the market, does not rest on its laurels. It constantly develops its product range with the use of the newest scientific achievements in cosmetology. It monitors novelties that appear on the market and consults with doctors, dermatologists and hairdressers in order to supply high quality products at reasonable prices on the market.


No more artificiality, chemicals and aggressive ingredients in cosmetics! We demand natural and fair rules in the production of care products. We want our bodies to be treated with respect and delicacy! We will not accept fraud and fakes! If more than once you have considered organising a demonstration under slogans like this, we have good news for you: There are already beauty products created for people like you. The John Masters Organics brand produces cosmetics in harmony with a natural rhythm and with clear content. If you ask your beautician what cosmetics are the best, without hesitation she will answer those with a short list of ingredients and that are not full of ingredients of unknown origin, just like John Masters Organics. Aggressive cleaning substances, silicones and parabens have been eliminated from their contents and replaced with natural substances, thanks to which hair and skin are in a much better condition. Irritations, allergies or dandruff happen less frequently. There are over 40 products for complex care in the company’s range and they will make your body and hair look healthy and beautiful. The products are not tested on animals and the only animal by-products used are beeswax and honey. This brand has won the recognition of millions of users worldwide, including stars who are experts in caring about their looks.


These products’ formulas were developed as a result of advanced research. The role of the innovations employed is to provide excellent care, as the brand works in accordance with the philosophy of Confucius. According to it, beauty cannot exist without internal harmony.


Thanks to its passion and experience, for over 80 years Kadus has been offering professional cosmetics for hair care and styling as well as everything that is needed for complex technical equipping of hairdressing salons. As a result of many years of experience and a wide product range, it is a brand that has won trust among professional all over the world. It offers efficient, convenient products for daily use, as well as ergonomic and effective operating tools. If you are looking for cosmetics which meet all customers’ demands, then Kadus will be the perfect choice.


The Hungarian company Kallos’ cosmetics have a huge range, effectiveness, beautiful fragrances and fine packages. They are also affordable, with a very satisfying price to quality ratio. There are dyes for permanent and semi-permanent colouring, henna, lighteners, as well as care and styling products in the range. The products contain modern and valued ingredients like jasmine, beneficial oils and plant extracts. Kallos products are especially recommended for hair that is thin, dry or damaged by chemical treatments or thermal styling.


Kemon, i.e. the essence of the Italian way of life contained in the hair. This is the biggest Italian company that produces dying, styling and hair-care cosmetics. Kemon has many years of experience in the production of cosmetics and hair dyes. It was established and is developing in the region that has always justly been associated with respect for the environment and love of nature. The cosmetics production involves not only modern beauty solutions, but also natural plant extracts from local organic crops. Kemon products offer a full range of cosmetics necessary for healthy and beautiful hair. The brand has several product lines and each of them is based on individually selected properties and is used for different treatments and services offered in hair salons.


Kérastase creates "Professional Care Method" in cooperation with the most outstanding hairstylists of their times. Kérastase was the first brand to use the breakthrough discoveries made by L'Oreal Advanced Research Laboratories offering the most technologically advanced professional hair products. Kérastase offers individually tailored care program on the basis of professional diagnosis by hairdresser - consultant. The brand combines two fundamental values: advanced technology and experts' requirements to offer unique products : active ingredients with different concentrations, different capacities and fusion produced exclusively for hair salons' use. Kérastase care products are an answer to women's sophisticated needs.


Keratin Complex is an intense and natural care and rehabilitation of hair. The formula of products is based on a completely new and unique technology using smooth keratin, a substance that also constitutes hair structure. It regenerates damage to your hair by filling in the cracks. In contrast to traditional revitalizing ingredients, liquid keratin particles do not burden the surface of the hair. They regenerate the damage done to the hair precisely where needed. Furthermore, they rebuild the internal structure of the hair and work precisely on its surface. They regenerate the destroyed lots of hair and complement the damage. They affect the hair from the inside and from the outside. In harmony with nature, all Keratin Complex products do not contain SLES, parabenes, mineral oils and formaldehydes.


For 90 years Keune has been developing innovative product formulas where the highest quality and ease of application merges with elegant and refined design. The company has one of the most advanced laboratories in the world. Its range is targeted only at professional hairdressers and this guarantees only the best quality products that are popular regardless of changing trends and fashions on the ever changing beauty market. Gorgeous and elegant packaging will be well received by your customers, who will also like their tempting and sensuous fragrances.


Kevin Murphy is a perfect range for professionals who want to be sure that they treat their customers’ hair with only natural products of the highest quality. This is also an ideal choice for those who are looking for cosmetics that are not tested on animals. In addition, Kevin Murphy branded products are free from sulphates, parabens and any other petroleum derivatives. If that description makes you think that the products must not be very efficient and are rather a range for adolescent girls full of ideals, then you couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, it is a brand that was born out of fashion, design and architecture inspiration. It is loved by professional stylists and hairdressers from all over the world. Its philosophy is constant progress and development of new solutions, as well as providing customers with products that merge perfect hold with care for hair. Care for the environment and good composition do not in any way decrease the products’ power and the addition of essential oils makes their usage a pure, sublime pleasure for all senses.


Laboratory work is associated with monotonous hours spent observing various substances through a microscope and pouring liquids into test tubes. Does that sound boring? Yes, but the effects of this work may be fascinating if the person who creates them does it with pure passion and understands how important beautiful hairstyles are. This was the case for biochemist Jamey Mazzott, who introduced innovative new hair products. This happened in the crazy 70s. Since then KMS has been offering products for gentle or extreme styling and many conditioning lines for various hair types. Everything comes in colourful, lively packages that will certainly be loved by hair salon customers.


This French brand, present in nearly 120 countries, convinces women: “You’re worth it”. This slogan reflects the company’s philosophy that innovative products, manufactured on the basis of the newest scientific discoveries, can be offered at prices affordable for a large number of consumers. It is one of the few premium brands available for everyone who cares about the highest quality.


Are you looking for inspiration? Would you like to offer completely different hairstyle quality to your customers? Choose Label M products, whose packaging itself will wake up your desire to create new, extraordinary structures. It is the official brand supplying cosmetics to London Fashion Week. It was inspired by high fashion inspiration and has won many prestigious industry awards. In their range you will find products for perfect hair styling, for professionals who create sophisticated hairstyles and always use top quality products.


Lanza cosmetics owe their effects to the special qualities of keratin, which supplies hair with the proper amount of proteins, saturated fatty acids and other regenerating ingredients. The content of minerals and plant and seed extracts hydrates your hair, giving it unbelievable gloss and endurance. The company’s mission is to restore radiance and healthy look to hair that has been damaged by thermal and chemical treatments.


Lisap is a professional brand of hair treatments and styling with over 50 years of tradition. Hair care is taken very seriously by the brand’s creators; therefore, they offer top quality products, made from green ingredients. These products provide deep renewal and regeneration, care for the scalp and will fight off all problems. The styling product lines let you create and hold a hairstyle free from the effect of damaged hair. In Lisap’s factory all UNI EN ISO 9001 norm standards, that are a guarantee of safety and quality, are obeyed. Are you looking for efficient but natural cosmetics ideal for yourself and your customers? Lisap will always be a good choice. It will make your work effective and fruitful. The smile on your customers’ faces will be the best confirmation of this.


This brand has an impeccable reputation and trust of customers from across Europe. It offers only the best and proven solutions. Its products for hair dyeing and care have been present on the market for over 50 years.


Macadamia Oil is extracted from macadamia nuts. It is an evergreen tree from the rainforests of Australia and Indonesia. Over a thousand years ago the Australian Aborigines knew this plant and took from it its beneficial qualities. The oil from the nuts contains unsaturated fatty acids, phytosterols, lecithin, A, B, E vitamins and minerals that means it has excellent effects on skin and hair. It moisturizes, restores radiance and has an anti-aging effect. It is the exceptionally precious argan oil produced from a plant called Argania Spinosa. This tree is called a “Tree of Life” and grows only in an ecologically clean part of Morocco, an area added in 1998 to the UNESCO list of biospherical reservations. The argan oil is cold pressed by Berber women using ancient formulas. It is called the gold of Morocco, it is very easily absorbed, contains huge amounts of natural vitamin E called a vitamin of youth and unsaturated Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. The argan oil moisturizes, has anti-aging properties and restores both your skin and hair. In MacadamiaOil products you will find a fusion of unusual, ancient and excellent care ingredients. They are perfect for care of every type of hair, ensure extraordinary glow, hydration and a little something that makes your hair look healthy and tempting and will boost your self-confidence. You won’t forget the pleasure of using such sublime cosmetics and following the ideal care rituals of women of the ancient world.


Swedish, luxury cosmetics for salon hair care. Maria Nila is a series of inspiring and creative products for care and styling, thanks to which your customers will love you and ask you to give them at least one product for use at home. All of them are produced from healthy, carefully selected ingredients in the Swedish factory owned by the brand. The flagship products are those for protecting coloured hair, which extend colour fastness.


This is a great range for anyone, who believes that the real beauty of body and hair comes from natural things. This offer is also for those who are fond of indulging their senses with oriental, seductive fragrances. The main ingredient of this brand cosmetics are natural oils, especially argan oil produced by Berber women in biologically clean areas of Morocco, in accordance with ancient formulas. Thanks to their remarkable, velvety and seductive products, this brand is adored by many stars and also by women who attach great attention to hair and body care. The ingredients used in production are of the highest quality and come from biologically clean areas, what guarantees that the treated hair is given only the most beneficial top quality nutrients.


Unique treatments which help to get rid of every hair problem. They also make easier the most elaborate styling. They inspire hairdressers and stylists from all over the world.


Montibello is a producer of professional care and styling products for hair. The first cosmetics by Montibello appeared in Barcelona already in the sixties. In a short time, the brand gained in popularity throughout Spain where it is a stable leader in the hairdressing industry. Since it was launched, Montibello has created cosmetics of excellent quality, developed by researchers, that are an expression of brand's unique style and character. Montibello products are prepared in professional laboratories, based on the latest technologies and research.


This is an excellent range for people that pay attention to health and natural environment. This brand focuses on natural ingredients and the richness of nursing ingredients coming from plants. They are free from parabens, petroleum derivatives and silicones. Nashi’s products are based on bio-certified argan oil, the beneficial effects of which have been known since antiquity. In addition, the products are characterised by simplicity and minimalism, the packages are made of recyclable materials and energy from renewable sources is used in their manufacture.


Many companies offer miraculous ways to stop the dramatic process of hair loss. There are products on sale that in one or two weeks promise healthy and thick hair. Anyone who has tried these methods knows that they are rarely able to deliver on their promises. In order to completely guarantee resolving the problem of thinning hair, scientific research and well-tested therapies are needed. These are offered by the modern NIOXIN brand. This laboratory focuses solely on the problem of thinning hair, and was first established in the 1980s by a scientist who experienced hair problems after giving birth to her first child. The three steps of every NIOXIN care system are cleansing, nourishment and strengthening. They cooperate with each other to create optimal scalp environment and ensure proper conditions for the growth of stronger and thick looking hair.


Orofluido is a marriage of the newest achievements in cosmetology and hair care with ancient beauty therapy rituals. It may sound surprising, but this connection is working brilliantly in practice, giving amazing results. Orofluido’s secret is connecting argan oil, oil from papyrus plant and linen oil qualities. All of them are famous for their beneficial effect on skin and hair. They were rediscovered for cosmetology quite recently after a long period of oblivion. There is a good reason why argan oil is called the gold of Morocco, and papyrus plant oil was used by Cleopatra and other ladies of the ancient world. Apart from having nurturing qualities Orofluido is also a real pleasure for your senses as all of its preparations have a beautiful smell, silky and pleasant to use consistency as well as a lovely gold-like colour. Thanks to the products of this sensual brand your hair will be beautiful, shiny, moisturised and seductive with passion.


Would you like to change the color of your hair dramatically, but you are scared of harmful effect of dyeing? Was your hair destroyed and weakened as a result of earlier dyeing? The innovative hair care system, Olaplex, is a response to your problems. It has been designed for deep regeneration of hair damaged during dyeing, bleaching, treatments with high temperature or by mechanical factors. The main task of the treatment is to rebuild weakened disulfides that allow to create strong keratin chains and give a healthy, original look. Olaplex system allows to change the color of your hair completely and at the same time strengthen their condition. It is distinguished by its composition which does not contain silicones, sulphates, phthalates, DEA, aldehydes or gluten. These products are also not tested on animals.


A good hairdresser does his best to make the customer look even better than expected and to make his/her hair well-tended, moisturised and vigorous. A good hairdresser knows that nobody understands his needs better than somebody in the same profession. That is why the American Paul Mitchell brand has won such trust all over the world. It was established by two hairdresser friends over 30 years ago. The cosmetics meet high quality standards and contain only natural ingredients. They are appreciated by the best hairdressers and have become irreplaceable in professional hair care and styling because of their innovative formulas. They are praised by anybody who wants beautiful and well-groomed hair but also cares about the environment. Paul Mitchell is the first company producing hair products that publicly protested against testing them on animals. Energy from renewable sources (e.g. Solar panels) is used by their factories and their packages are made of recyclable materials.


Recognized in Hollywood for expert hair care, Philip B, gained international fame for its visionary approach in caring for hair and scalp. Its award-winning products, all based on natural plant ingredients, radically changed the perception of the luxurious hair care. Philip B. is an outstanding Hollywood hairstylist, expert in treatment and hair and head skin care. He sets the trends and creates hairstyles for movie stars. Together with a group of researchers, chemists and pharmacologists, he created a series of revolutionary and luxury products for hair. Extremely saturated, based only on botanical and essential oils, they are a new quality in the market. Forbes Magazine has listed products by Philip B as one of the "Top 100 things worth every penny". Philip B's clients include: Salma Hayek, Sharon Stone, Jessica Alba or Nicole Kidman.


Proraso is an Italian cosmetics brand established in 1948 by Mr Piero Martelliego who introduced an innovative product to the Italian market – pre-shave cream for men. Shortly afterwards there also appeared a soap for shaving by this brand. The visual forms of cosmetics have changed over the years, but their content and composition have remained unchanged. Company's mission is to stay true to its basic principles, i.e. the use of natural ingredients, continuous research into how they work and respecting brand's tradition built over the years. In order to meet individual needs of each customer, the brand offers four color lines: green for all types of skin that has menthol smell, red for men with hard beard, white intended to care for sensitive skin, blue with universal spicy smell with undertones of fern, ambry and musk and yellow with softening properties with shea butter.


It is not that difficult to dye customer’s hair and then wait until the colour fades and she comes back again complaining about discoloured streaks appearing too quickly. The difficulty lies in making her come back for many years, being amazed by the durability of colour and encouraging her friends to visit the salon. It is also not a great philosophy to add the cheapest and most common ingredients to hair products. It is a far greater achievement to develop products ideal for dyed hair; that is why Pureology products are free from sulphates, which are the main reason for hair fading. Instead they contain ingredients that help in caring for dyed hair and prolong colour fastness including an exclusive complex that prevents colour fading (AntiFadeComplex). Pureology cosmetics are 100% vegan and natural. They are recommended for good hairdressers and everyone, who want to protect their hair colour and delay the moment when another hair dyeing treatment is necessary.


An innovative brand for professionals. It is shaping trends in hair styling at the prestigious Fashion Weeks in New York, Paris, Milan and London. The portfolio of this brand contains products for both hair care and styling. All of them are tailor-made for the specific needs of different types of hair.


RefectoCil is a known and popular around the world Austrian cosmetic brand that offers professional products for dyeing eyelashes and eyebrows. From the very beginning, the company has had two basic tasks: for designers, make-up artists and beauticians it is a professional partner, a source of success and customer satisfaction and for customers it is an ideal aid in highlighting natural beauty and facilitating everyday styling. In order to achieve their objectives, the brand is continuously focused on providing the highest quality products with a perfect dyeing effects based on innovative research. Customer satisfaction is also enhanced by individual adaptation to particular types of skin and hair with a wide range of colors. Its professionalism was distinguished by a Gold Medal received in 2014 at International Fair in Poznan for RefectoCil Perm Lash for permanent eyelashes curl.


Products branded by Rene Furterer are the ideal choice for those who know that good things come from nature. It is well-suited to those who pay attention to healthy and strong hair and those, who choose vital natural forces as their ally in the struggle to achieve this. The Rene Furterer brand has a professional laboratory at its disposal where they develop cosmetics suitable for various kinds of hair. Among others there are shampoos and hair conditioners for dry, greasy, dyed and falling out hair. These products contain only natural ingredients, and are enhanced with plant extracts and essential oils that ensure beautiful fragrances and pure pleasure when using them.


Rusk is a professional brand of hairdressing products known throughout the world and present in many countries. The brand has been available on the European market, so also at Polish one, since 2009. Its primary objective is to promote its own style and to help professional hairstylists and their customers to achieve the desired effects with luxury care products and hairdressing accessories. Rusk encourages to take advantage of the benefits of innovative production technologies and formulas offered by their products and also enables creative work inspired by the latest fashion trends presented on catwalks worldwide. The brand's offer is for everyone who is interested in professional hair care because their cosmetics are easy to use, natural, they have plant ingredients and offer affordable prices.


Quality, competence and innovation are synonyms for this unique brand. A constant drive for excellence builds trust among hairdressers and individual users. Their care products invigorate hair and their styling products allow for unlimited creativity.


This brand was born from the idea of creating perfect products to ensure perfect hair styling for photo sessions and fashion shows. It all began in the 70s when all rules were being broken, including those concerning look and hair styling. This was the first time in history when hair dressers could release their creativity and could let their imaginations run wild. They were not restricted by generally accepted social norms about hairstyles. This brand is the choice of the best hairdressers and stylists because it allows for effective and perfect hairstyle creation in every possible shape. Moreover, it does not weigh down your hair and is generally accepted by customers. There are three product lines in its range: FLOW (care – styling), FLAUNT (giving glow and gloss) and FORM (ensuring long lasting form) and a line basic care products, Foundation.


Just imagine the sun of Tuscany, ripening grapes and the wind that gently touches your hair. What can be made in such circumstances? Only perfect, gentle and natural things, Selective Professional’s hair care products. This Italian brand was established in Tuscany in 1994 and since that time it has successfully won more markets. It is present in over 40 countries in the world. Every professional hairdresser will find high quality hair care products in its range, including lines inspired by nature and made only of natural ingredients, dyes and products for sculpturing and texturing. The company has also developed a special line for men, everything with a truly Italian character.


This brand was established by a hairdresser who could no longer bear the limited products that were available on the market. He wanted new solutions that would make hair care more creative and would help break rules and fashions in styling. Therefore, he created innovative, eye-catching products which instantly won the hearts of hairdressers from all over the world. They are currently present in over 45 countries and are used by over 60 thousands hairdressers in the United States only. Sexy Hair cosmetics are a synonym of passion and uniqueness. Thanks to them you will make amazing waves in your hair, dramatically increase its volume, straighten it... put simply, you will not have to limit yourself anymore.


Japanese geisha are beautiful and self-confident women. Traditional Japanese make-up based on perfect ingredients makes them look special and sultry. You can achieve this self-confidence everyday or on a special occasion, no matter where you live, thanks to the legendary Shu Umera cosmetics. This company has over 60 years of tradition, through which its creator Shu Uemura has continued their work of creating care products and make-up that underline the beauty of every woman. Natural ingredients, knowledge, the newest scientific achievements and the make-up tradition of Japanese women have been combined to create beauty products. There is a wide range of make-up and complex body care products in the range.


Stapiz is a Polish brand that offers cosmetics for hair colouring and care. Its range is directed to professionals. Stapiz products are worth trusting because the company is oriented towards constant development and employs the newest science and technology achievements concerning body and hair care. It chooses only ingredients that are carefully selected as well as trends and novelties in the industry, like oils or liquid silk. Additionally, it cooperates with the most advanced beauty laboratories in the world, which ensures the mutual exchange of experiences. They have a wide range of products in their range, starting from shampoos and ending with great quality hair dyes.


This is the brand through which the artistic directors of Toni&Guy shape trends in hairdressing. Thanks to these products, achieving the most sophisticated effects and making styles to match personality is possible. Their versatility enables us to use them regardless of whether a given person likes classics and elegance or colour and craziness.


Toppik is a revolutionary product that will rid you of the uncomfortable look of severely depleted hair and it only takes half a minute! Toppik hair fibers are made of organic protein just like our hair making it an ideal component to connect to them. They strengthen the hair in a completely invisible manner which effectively thickens the hair. As a result, the hair is clearly thicker in places that were severely depleted and it looks natural. Toppik can be purchased in 9 natural tones. All available dies are different from each other more or less equally. Toppik is the highest quality micro-fibers for hair. Unlike most other such products, Toppik does not drop from the hair and does not dye it. You can touch and comb your hair and you can sleep in a white linen and wear white shirts. Toppik is a unique cosmetic that gives full comfort of thicker hair. The product is also recommended for people undergoing hair transplantation.


Highly professional products for care, dyeing and styling of hair. They bring a new dimension of sensation in a hairdressing salon. This is treatment that is felt with all the senses. The brand cooperates with top stylists. Thanks to this cooperation it develops innovative products, which enable us to achieve spectacular results.


Wella’s professional beauty products have been available since 1880. Throughout over 130 years on the market, this German brand has become popular all over the world and is famous for products of excellent quality. New cosmetics and services are being developed in the company’s laboratories, in order to provide hairdressers with innovative solutions in hair care and styling. All Wella System Professionals cosmetics go through very rigorous tests and the newest scientific achievements are applied to their production. In their range you can find, among others, specialist products for every hair type care, professional dyes in various shades, accessories as well as products for caring for and revitalising damaged hair.


A wide range of colourful make-ups, for eyes and nails, as well as fluids, powders and BB/CC creams from renowned brands.


ArtDeco is an art movement characterised by striving for perfection and the creation of beautiful forms, and the cosmetics bearing the same name are no different. Their preparations are sensuous, they tempt in a blaze of colours, fabulous packages and great quality. ArtDeco is famous for unconventional make-up. It has also face and body care lines in its range. It is a good range for any woman who wants to underline her beauty with make-up and efficiently care for her body.


The essence of Parisian chic, achievable for every woman. This brand was established over 150 years ago in Paris’ theatre district. Actors were its first customers. Until the present day, its cosmetics have been distinguishing themselves with uniqueness and imaginativeness. They have personality and love women who are not afraid of expressing themselves. They enable us to have a creative approach to make-up without having to spend a fortune.


This French brand, present in nearly 120 countries, convinces women: “You’re worth it”. This slogan reflects the company’s philosophy that innovative products, manufactured on the basis of the newest scientific discoveries, can be offered at prices affordable for a large number of consumers. It is one of the few premium brands available for everyone who cares about the highest quality.


Its creator – Maksymilian Faktorowicz – was the first in the world to create make-up products that were adjusted to individual preferences and designed to underline natural beauty. He began by creating cosmetics for film actors. The brand is also, but not only, highly valued by professional make-up artists. These are also the favourite cosmetics of women who want to feel like film stars in their everyday life.


This brand’s portfolio has a full range of make-up products, but it began with one revolutionary product – the first mascara in history, which the New York chemist Thomas L. Williams created for his sister Maybel. This brand still recognised as an expert in colouring, curling, lengthening and thickening of eyelashes.


Pupa in Italian means ‘doll’. This Italian brand was established in Milan over 40 years ago. Thanks to perfect quality and richness of its products, it has developed a reputation as one of the top make-up brands. Pupa cosmetics are unconventional, simple to use and have saturated colours. This brand is suitable for every woman and for every occasion.


This brand is regarded as an expert in colour and style. Each season, when it participates in the most important fashion events, it sets trends in make-up. Its success started with the first nail polish with a deeply saturated colour. The present company portfolio contains a full range of make-up products that guarantee impeccable make-up all day long.


Rimmel is a modern brand for women who do not like trailing behind and want to keep up with fashion and the newest trends in make-up. Rimmel is an opportunity to try out products with intensive, juicy colours, good for every occasion and season. Their designers watch the style of the London streets and adapt the changing trends so they can offer them to women worldwide. The products are also very easy to apply and suitable for women of any age. Let yourself be dragged into the colourful world of Rimmel and become a fan of this brand.



Essie is an expert in the field of professional manicure. The brand was founded by Essie Weingarten who introduced the world to visionary approach to nail polish. This vision is implemented consistently up to this day… it all started in 1981 in New York. 12 stunning shades of nail polish which had intriguing descriptions were introduced to the market. Today Essie offers a palette of more than 250 colors, each has a catchy and witty name which creates a unique character and is a distinctive sign of the brand. Essie nail polish offers not only professional highest quality formula, but above all unique collections of shades that today are created by Rebecca Minkoff – Global Designer for Essie Color. The award-winning nail polish sets by Essie are known for their sustainable professional best quality formula. The brand portfolio includes award-winning products for hand care, nail polish and a wide array of shades of classic and hybrid polish. Essie is the leader in luxurious polish category and as such it is now manicurists, celebrities and fashion fans in more than 100 countries around the world favorite. As an expert in the field of color, Essie is present at the biggest shows by famous designers from Paris to New York.


The company has gained the world-wide recognition with a wide range of almost 300 colors of nail polish with exceptional gloss and a high resistance to abrasion. The variety of their colors has inspired nail stylists and OPI customers, including the greatest show-business stars. The brand has created a complete nail polish that meets the most demanding clients and beauticians' requirements. The company has focused on the composition and quality of their products and thus it gained a large number of satisfied customers. Each polish is more than just a "small bottle", it is a promise of excellence, emotions and unusual, timeless style.


ORLY was established in 1975 in the USA. The brand offers excellent polish and preparations for care and styling of nails. Jeff Pink is its creator. He created the world's most popular manicure known as French Manicure. The company invests only in cosmetics for natural nails and their products do not contain harmful substances. The innovative products were honored with 12 ABBIE awards that are the most prestigious awards in the world of professional cosmetics. The brand is present in more than 60 countries, it sets out both most fashionable trends and the quality level in the field of nail decoration and care. Orly varnishes do not leave streaks, they do not flake and they last up to 7 days. Varnishes available: classic, brocaded, pearlescent, metallic and with glitter - all in 11 ml bottles. Caring about the created and long-established image, ORLY develops new lines, enhances its preparations and tracks the latest trends.


Semilac is synonymous with elegance and quality. It is a well-known Polish brand that produces high quality nail varnish and hybrid gels that meet the highest standards and requirements of clients. You can already enjoy manicure that will last up to three weeks. The company is the leader in the Polish cosmetics market. The brand is not afraid to set new ways of development and create innovative products and their varnishes' durability is close to the nails hardened with gel, therefore they do not flake after a few days as other traditional nail varnishes do.

Professional cosmetics and beauty treatments for face and body

Mainly Polish brands with a strong reputation and the trust of both individual customers, and – thanks to fusing nature with innovation –professionals who perform specialist in-salon treatments.


The richness of plant extract ingredients allied to the newest developments in cosmetology guarantee, that this brand’s products, with over 20 years of tradition, are effective, efficient and safe. Its beauty treatments are based on natural active ingredients and are designed for face and body care. Their exotic fragrances and silky textures increase the enjoyment gained from using them.


Biotherm's perfumes and cosmetics are based on harmonious accordance with nature. Biotherm is a luxurious brand, full of internal energy, inspired by the force of hot springs, minerals and other bioactive substances. Biotherm offers professional care products for face and body. They are perfectly tailored to your personal needs and biological rhythm of the skin. In addition to the targeted cosmetic effectiveness, the brand is also committed to naturalness of all products. Currently the brand belongs to the cosmetic giant - L'Oreal Paris, but its rich history already started in 1952. In 1985, Biotherm introduced its first line for men and up till today the brand is one of the market leaders in this area and in 1997, the company has expanded its portfolio with perfumes. Through intensive research and continuous development, Biotherm can now boast with the most experienced experts in the field of care.


Carita cosmetics were created over 60 years ago by sisters Maria and Rosa Carita. Carita is an exclusive French cosmetic brand that has a strong and well established reputation. Its concept is to combine luxury, skills and craft of best specialists in cosmetic products. In accordance with their beliefs, the sisters created a new type of cosmetics – lighter, richer in active ingredients and more technologically advanced. They created a concept of global beauty: cosmetics for face, hair and body. Carita already operates in more than 60 countries. It has approximately 1500 exclusive spa and beauty centers and approximately 1900 retail sales points.


Clinique is a worldwide brand of cosmetics that offers professional care and make-up products. The brand is distinguished by a wide range of cosmetics for every kind of skin and care to minimize risk associated with allergic reactions to particular active components. The company's "Everyone has the meaning" motto is reflected in the manufacturing process which uses only allergens-free components. In addition, the products are in 100% fragrance-free following their confirmed research that proved greater risk of skin inflammation in response to sensitizing scent. The pioneering system for skin care allows to minimize problems of each type of skin in 3 steps, it is simple and natural. Also make-up cosmetics by this brand do not contain fragrances, instead they are rich in nutrients that not only beautify, but also improve the condition of the skin. With the above components, Clinique is the leading manufacturer of anti-allergic cosmetics that are completely safe for people with sensitive skin.


Decleor is a French cosmetic brand that has been present in the market for more than 40 years. In 1974, Solange Dessimoulie founded a company that produced cosmetics for skin care that initially was known as Cleor and only after several years it changed its name to what it is now. The motto of company's activities is based on the belief that understanding emotional states that every woman is going through is necessary to design effective care for her skin. For this reason Decleor products are not only rich in nourishing properties, but also in fragrance which makes them one of the leaders in specialized products for aromatherapy treatments. The values offered by the world of nature are simplicity, sensuality and efficiency. Essential oils used in the production of cosmetics are 100% natural, i.e. completely free from colorants and preservatives which are artificial substances and therefore could affect their impact. This makes the use of Decleor products a feast not only for the body but also for the soul.


Estee Lauder is a world renown professional cosmetic brand with almost 90 years of history. The founder, Josephine Esther Mentzer, started to learn about the art of creating face creams and about the importance and the secrets of skin care for women since early years of her life. The name of the company comes from her name. From the very beginning, the brand stood out at the cosmetics market for its innovation, one example are "gifts when you purchase" in the form of free samples for customer. Up to this day, it has retained the status of family company as currently it is managed by founder's three grandchildren. Estee Lauder has retained its timeless values based on the importance of direct contact with customers to make them aware of the benefits of proper skin care products. Today the company distributes their cosmetics in more than 150 countries around the world. It is one of the most respected and recognized brands in the cosmetics market.


GEHWOL products for foot care are recommended by professionals and doctors worldwide. The company was established in 1868 by ex-soldier Eduarda Gerlach, who understood better than anyone else how painful, injured and blistered feet can be. Therefore, in cooperation with doctors, he invented the first foot ointment available in wide distribution across the world. Across over 150 years of presence on the market, the company still specialises in products for care of this particularly sensitive part of the human body. It has developed perfect formulas and today the brilliant products carrying the GEHWOL brand deal with problems and satisfy a range of needs. They are successfully used by cosmeticians and those who need specialist, domestic care.


This brand is well received by consumers and professionals who value innovativeness, high quality and efficiency in natural cosmetics. Its range of professional products includes complementary treatment programs for every skin type.


La Roche-Posay is a producer of professional care products that for more than 40 years cooperated with dermatologists worldwide to develop cosmetics for skin care and for make-up. The aim of the brand is to change everyday experience of your body even in the case of very sensitive and susceptible to irritation skin. A wide range of products allows to resolve problems of even the most demanding customers, starting with the haemorrhoidal skin, problems with weakened condition of hair and scalp, complementary treatments for aesthetic medicine and up to beautifying skin with makeup. Company's mission is to combine the effectiveness and safety by using components that are highly tolerated by each type of skin. With them La Roche-Posay products are not only for daily care, but also complement medical treatments that meet the needs of even the most demanding skin types.


Neutrogena produces cosmetics for skin care that are available in over 70 countries worldwide. Its beginnings date back to 1930s when Emanuel Stolaroff founded a small cosmetic studio in Los Angeles. The name emerged in the 50s of the last century. The first product that was released under this name was a soap for skin care that quickly gained popularity. Company's vision is based on combining inspiration with nature with the latest discoveries in the field of dermatology and cosmetology. The brand is known for Norwegian Formula patented 40 years ago which was inspired by ointments applied by Norwegian fishermen in challenging for skin climate. This way, the company developed technology that takes advantage of beneficial properties of glycerol which effectively protects your skin from overdrying, ensures appropriate level of moisture and increases resistance to difficult weather conditions.


Piz Buin is a global cosmetic brand that is more than 70 years old. It distributes products which protect the skin from the sun. Its history goes back to 1938 when Franz Greiter, chemistry student, developed the first suncream (Glacier Cream). The company's name was taken from the summit in the Alps that the founder climbed during his mountain trip. Too much exposure to the sun has become his inspiration to develop a protection product. The company was the first to introduce the Sun Protecting Factor (SPF) in the 1960s. Since then, the company has enabled sun exposure and great tan whilst ensuring adequate skin protection against harmful effects of the sun. Currently Piz Buin's offer includes not only cosmetics that protect against the sun, but also products dedicated to people who want to strengthen and extend the effect of obtained tan.


RoC was founded in 1957. It is a brand for anti-wrinkle professional products. It was founded by dr Jean-Charles Lissarrague, pharmacist who understood women's needs regarding the relation between their well-being and self-confidence and good looking skin at any age. The founder became popular in France by creating individual cream formulas for the then theater stars from his country. The brand was named after a well-known pharmacy in Paris, Cavailles Roge, where the founder was said to start his first works on the revolutionary new products. Up to this day, the decisive factor in the manufacturing process is safety of ingredients which are specially selected and rigorously clinically tested. The aim of these efforts is to minimise the risk of allergic reactions so that every woman could benefit from the charitable properties offered by the cosmetics and refresh the condition of the skin by its rejuvenation and smoothing.


Sensai is a world renown brand of professional cosmetics for hair, face and body care and for make-up and perfume products. Their flagship active component used in their cosmetics is Koishimaru silk introduced in production in the 30s, scientists discovered similarities between structures of silk and human skin. Up to this day, their main aim is to improve their products by continuous research and application of innovative formulas that help to ensure their superior quality. Natural nutrients and harmony which the creators of consecutive Sensai lines seek allow every customer to highlight their natural beauty and maintain healthy skin condition for longer, delaying aging processes.


For many years this brand has been successful in maintaining a leading position when considering the balance between price and quality of products. Its preparations are skin and environment friendly, and their preservatives content is kept to the required minimum. The leading idea for the products, which have been created for over 25 years, is connecting care with healing properties. This is true both for products for the individual customer and professional treatments for in-salon use.



All of us love taking care of our hair, and a neat, perfect look is highly regarded. Drying, curling, and straightening can be like a vicious cycle. All of this is praiseworthy, as long as it is done reasonably and with the use of safe and non-invasive tools. When it comes to safety, ergonomics and comfort the BaByliss brand is unrivalled. BaByliss is the market leader in tools for hair care and styling, as well as small appliances associated with the hairdressing industry. The flagship BaByliss hair dryers, straighteners and stylers set trends in hair styling and show how creative you can be with hair. The company also offers mirrors, trimmers, hair removers and everything to make you look beautiful. The products are dedicated for professional and domestic care.


Diva Professional styling is a British, family run company based in London that produces tools for styling. The creative and production processes take place in the UK where the newly created products are also tested in the most renowned hair salons by the world famous hair stylists. The brand is popular among stars and it is often used in characterizing sections in fashion, film and television. Currently, Diva distributes its products to more than 30 hairdressing markets around the world. Its wide range includes high quality accessories high, rich styling possibilities and attractive prices available for each customer. In addition, the company always follows the latest trends in styling and hair care so that it is able to maintain at the forefront of hairdressing tools manufacturers.


Selecting appropriate hair brush has a major influence on its appearance and condition. Not sure what you should brush it with and what to use? Detangler offers a wide range of revolutionary ergonomically shaped brushes for hair. Currently the brand is gaining more and more recognition around the world and it is becoming a leader in the global market. Detangler brush eliminates splices and tangles, it minimizes breaking, splitting and damage caused by ill-treatment. It is the ideal solution for every hair type. It is primarily recommended for unhealthy, prolonged, tangled and destroyed with dying hair and for children who do not like the feeling of pulling while their hair is brushed. Detangler brush combs gently and quietly ensuring smooth and shiny hair in the blink of an eye. It has ergonomic and innovative design that follows the oval shape of the head and flexible bristles in two sizes according to your needs. In addition it massages head skin.


Care and adornment of skin and nails with make-up, manicure and pedicure are treatments that every woman appreciates. They allow them to maintain a healthy condition and recover the natural beauty of the body. Appropriate tools are necessary for their effective implementation and such are offered by Donegal - professional Polish brand that produces cosmetic accessories. They stand out for their high quality and modern production technologies. Following latest international trends allows to ensure security and durability of the products used and facilitate daily skin and nail care carried out both at home and professionally.


Ecotools is a professional cosmetic accessories brand which primarily ensures safe and easy face and body care. Company's mission aims to enable women to recover their natural beauty and to make them feel good every day. Their portfolio includes make-up brushes, accessories for bath and hair brushes made of organic materials, partially recycled. All Ecotools products are environmentally friendly and free from violence against animals, as evidenced by synthetic bristle applied in their brushes. Accessories designed this way stand out for their fineness and naturalness, they provide the perfect make-up finish and ensure safe care for even the most sensitive skin.


Eko-Higiena brand has been producing and distributing disposable products for beauty and hairdressing salons in Poland and abroad for 11 years now. Accessories that the company offers secure the place of work during treatments for body and hair and ensure hygienic and comfortable conditions for the customer. A unique Bio-Eko series offers products made from non-woven fabric that is totally biodegradable with certificates to prove they are environmentally friendly. With latest production technology, the accessories are exceptionally absorbent and gentle in application. They provide comfort of use even on the most sensitive skin.


Gillette is a global manufacturer of razors with over 100 years of history. The brand was founded by King C. Gillette and the company took its name after him. From the very beginning, the company was known as revolutionary for innovation of products offered. In 1901, the founder introduced disposable razor blades to the market that were so thin and so strong that the final effect astonished even the best specialists in this field of that time. Over the years, Gillette maintained this tendency launching the first shaver with two blades in 1970 and in 1998 it successively revolutionised male treatments with MACH3 with triple blade technology. The above mentioned achievements and continuous research on improving and upgrading its products make Gillette the leader in shaving accessories. Each customer will find a product tailored to its individual needs, skin type and its ailments in the company's portfolio.


Are you looking for products for your salon that, while being reliable, are also beautiful and eye-catching? Would you like them to be made with care for comfort and work efficiency? Do you want to inspire your clients and employers? Elchim products will be ideal for you. It is an Italian brand with over 60 years of tradition. It markets professional tools for hairdressers and stylists. Because it keeps up with the newest technology achievements, its products can be smaller, lighter and more ergonomic, most importantly, less noisy than standard ones. The company observes the most strict safety standards and manufactures in compliance with ISO-9001 standards. The accessories produced by it are minimally invasive and do not have harmful influence on hair and scalp.


GHD tools will be perfect for everyone, from hairdressers and stylists, who value the precision hairstyles they produce, to domestic users, who value their quick and efficient use. The brand’s hairdryers have effective engines thanks to which hair can dry in just one minute. With GHD, you can make any hairstyle you can imagine.


Gamma Più is an Italian brand, and Italians are famous for beautifully designed and finished things. It is no accident that Italy is known as a world design centre. Gamma Più tools are beautifully finished and using feels more like pleasure than work. In its portfolio you can find domestic appliances alongside specialised ones like dryers with ionisation function or emitting silver nanoparticles and active oxygen. Their usage guarantees that your hair remains healthy and well-groomed and protects the colour of dyed.


Do you have a problem with tying your hair with classic hair bands that pull the hair and cause its tangling? Have you had enough of bands which are not durable, quickly lose their properties and extend? Innovative Invisibobble hair bands that are true revolution in styling will solve your problems! Thanks to their unique, elastic shape, the bands gently surround the strands and adapt to the type and structure of the hair. They do not leave characteristic lines stamped on your hair and do not cause its twisting or tangling. Invisibobble bands firmly maintain created hairstyle without pulling and plucking the hair which eliminates headaches and increased brittleness. In addition, the elastic material guarantees sustainable use and does not cause irritation due to non allergic properties.


Kasho is part of the world renowned KAI brand from Japan. These cult products already have over 100 years of history linking the harmony of the Far East with minimalism, functionality and high quality. Professional hairstyling scissors are distinguished by advanced production technology and perfect manual finish. It makes them a super durable, damage resistant product that will serve its purpose for years. Thanks to excellent balance, they glide during the haircutting giving unlimited styling possibilities. They allow to create fantastic hairstyles, ideally working with a hand of professional stylist. Once a hairstylist tries them, they cannot do without them.


Kiepe is an Italian brand founded in the 60s, it offers equipment and accessories for hairstyling. Kiepe products combine professionalism, innovation and passion. With these three characteristics they have gained popularity and are currently sold on all continents. The brand is known primarily for highest quality hard and steel hairdressing scissors. The products are great for professional hair salons and for customers who wish to take care of their hair at home.


German quality speaks for itself, Moser has German quality alongside 50 years of tradition. For many years it has been famous for producing trusted tools for hairdressers, including hair clippers, dryers and other indispensable appliances for the profession. Moser means quality for years, connected with modern solutions. It is no accident that this is a leader on the European hairdressing and styling accessories market.


Olivia Garden is a professional brand of hairstyling accessories founded less than 50 years ago in Belgium. From the beginning of its existence, the brand particularly focused on providing high quality of their products. One important fact in its history is that it was the first to introduce environmentally friendly hair sprays which do not contain harmful aerosols to the market. Olivia Garden revolutionized the world of hairdressing offering durable brushes, combs, curlers for styling and aprons and capes of high aesthetics. Brand's mission is based on the latest production technologies that provide sustainability and effectiveness of their products which adapt to each type and structure of the hair. They make styling safe and pleasant and they fully protect the hair from mechanical and thermal damage.


The Panasonic name speaks for itself. For many years it has been a synonym of quality and perfection. It also has an impeccable reputation among professionals from different brands, and among hairdressers. If you are looking for really good, tried and tested hair care accessories, these products will make the styling process effective, efficient and simply pleasant. Now you can choose from a wide range of dryers, curlers, straighteners and everything connected to caring for body and hair.


It is an Italian brand based in Milan which since the 1970s has been offering highly-professional tools for hairdressers, including hair dryers, diffusers and silencers. It is a perfect partner for hairdressers, but it also works great in domestic use. The products are ergonomic, modern and safe for hair. The dryers are efficient, quiet, can dry or style much faster and are also equipped with intelligent solutions e.g. ionising which has a beneficial effect on hair.


Cult British brushes, unfailing in the struggle with tangled hair. They work delicately and cause no pain. They prevent hair from tearing and damaging. Specially designed flexible teeth smoothly glide through hair damaged by dyeing, or even through hair extensions. They are ideal also for kids as they minimize unpleasant tugging when detangling hair.


Tangle Angel brushes are designed by British hair stylist who takes care of many celebrities and royal family's hair. The brushes have a wide range of models. Innovative British hair brushes have anti-static coating that prevents hair frizz. They allow for painless and fast brushing of both wet and dry hair without pulling, uprooting and breaking, while making it shine. Special anti-bacterial coating prevents bacteria from mounting! With thermo-protection, the brush can withstand very high temperatures and does not deform.


Professional hairstyling accessories by Termix that specializes in innovative brush production since 1984. Instead of bonding individual elements of their products, they were the first to apply thermal welding which quickly made them a leader at the Italian market and helped them expand their export to ever more countries around the world. Now they are also available in Poland. Company's portfolio offers a wide range of brushes , combs and accessories necessary for a hairdressing salon such as neck brushes, shakers, diffusers, handles for dryers and even professional electrical devices.


Wahl Clipper Corporation is a brand founded in 1919 by Leo J. Wahl - inventor of the first electromagnetic hair clipper. He began a long tradition of creating professional tools for hairdressers throughout the world. Today the company is the largest producer of hair clippers. They are distributed in 165 countries. With an innovative approach to their mission and continuous development of their technology, Wahl offers products of highest quality which can be used for both home and professional care. They can also be used in hair care and styling salons for pets. Continuous development and search for new, visionary solutions make the company a permanent leader in meeting individual needs of their demanding customers.


Have you had enough of pulling and plucking your hair during brushing? Would you like to alleviate the problem of tangled strings forever? The answer to the age-long discomfort is revolutionary Wet Brush. The innovative technology IntelliFlex allows to gently detangle individual strands of hair using flexible pillars spaced evenly on the surface of the brush. The result provides smoothness and composition without pulling and plucking and therefore without pain. Wet Brushes may be used for every hair type regardless of their structure and type, both for wet and dry hair. In addition the colorful and rich graphics allow you to choose the product according to individual preferences to enjoy the delicate care and healthy condition of your hair.


Clinique Lotion emulsion 125ml
Clinique gel hydradtant 125ml
Clinique Clarifying Lotion 2 200ml


Estee Lauder Re-nutriv Ultimate Lift Age Correcting Eye Creme 15ml
Estee Lauder ANR Synchr Eye Cream Gel 15ml
Estee Lauder ANR Recovery Complex II 100ml
Estee Lauder Resilience Lift Firming Sculpting Oil In Creme Infusion 50ml
Estee Lauder Re-nutriv Ultimate Lift Age-correcting Creme Rich 50ml


Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream 100ml
Clarins Toning Lotion Normal to Dry Skin 200ml
Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control
Clarins Extra-Firming Eye Wrinkle Smoothing Cream 15ml


C. Dior Rouge Dior Couture Lipstick #531 Rose Crinoline
C. Dior Diorskin Forever Compact Flawless Perfection Fusion Wear Makeup SPF 25 Ivory # 010
C. Dior Diorskin Forever Extreme Wear & Oil Control Matte Powder Makeup S
C. Dior Diorskin Forever Perfect Makeup SPF 35 #010 Ivory 30ml


Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Shine #4 Rouge In Danger
Yves Saint Laurent Youth Liberator Serum Foundation SPF20/PA++ BR20 30ml


Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk UV Foundation SPF20 # 2
Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk UV Foundation SPF20 # 2
Giorgio Armani Designer Lift Smoothing Firming Foundation SPF20 #4


Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Lip Colour #37 L'exuberanta
Chanel Vitalumiere Compact Douceur Lightweight Compact Makeup SPF 10 13g #12 Beige Rose
Chaenl Hydra Beauty Creme 50g
Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Serum 30ml
Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche 100ml EDT.


Givenchy Le Rouge Intense Color Sensuously Mat Lipstick #103 Brun Createur
Givenchy Prisme Libre Loose Powder 4 in 1 Harmony #2 Taffetas Beige
Givenchy Prisme Libre Loose Powder 4 in 1 Harmony #5 Satin Blanc.


Tom Ford Lip Color #07 Pink Dusk 3g
Tom Ford Eye Color Quad #03 Nude Dip 10g
Tom Ford Eye Color Quad #04 HoneyMoon 10g


By Terry Ombre Blackstar Color Fix Cream Eyeshadow #01 Black Pearl
By Terry Cover Expert SPF15 #1 Fair Beige 35ml
By Terry Terrybly Densiliss Fresh Fair #4 Natural Beige 30ml.


Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette 12 Colors #1
Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette 12 Colors #2
Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette 12 Colors #3




Nars Audacious Lipstick Anita
Nars Audacious Lipstick Charlotte
Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation Gobi 30ml
Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation Deauville 30ml


Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer #1 Mattifying Primer
Make Up For Ever Face & Body Liquid Make up #38 Pink Porcelain 50ml


Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Original 50ml
Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Hydrating 50ml


Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado 28g
Kiehl's Clearly Corrective White Deep Moisture Clarifying Cream 50ml
Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate 100ml


Sisley Ecological Compound Day and Night Treatment 125ml


Helena Rubinstein Prodigy Powercell Youth Grafter The Serum 75ml


BIO OIL 60 ml
BIO OIL 125 ml
BIO OIL 200 ml